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Rules of the Program

Most of the rules below will be obvious; however, we lay them out clearly so there is no ambiguity about what is required from you. If you break the rules your participation on the program may be terminated.

Certain circumstances could lead to your host family asking you to leave the home. If you lose your family due to unacceptable behaviour on your part, neither Student Placement Australia New Zealand or our overseas partners will find you a new family. The following behaviour is not acceptable and will automatically lead to termination of the program:

  • Use of internet or telephone without permission
  • Excessive use of internet or a cell phone
  • Refusal to help with chores (no more or less than other family members)
  • Drunkenness or use of drugs
  • Working without a work permit
  • Any criminal offence

The most important rule is to respect the host family but this is harder to define as different families have different expectations. It may take time to work out what is expected of you and misunderstandings do happen. The following would probably be solved in a family discussion but could lead to a written warning and a repeat of the behaviour may lead to expulsion from the program.

  • Failure to inform family where you are going
  • Failure to comply with a request to be home by a certain time
  • Untidiness or lack of hygiene
  • Rudeness
  • Spending excessive amounts of time in your room i.e. refusal to integrate

We sincerely hope that both you and your family will form a long-term, close friendship, enriching your lives on a personal level and also contributing to international understanding. We know you will want to be a good ambassador for your home country and if you need assistance in resolving differences of opinion with your family you can call on our partner for advice and guidance.